Products from IPv6 Now

IPv6 Now is located in Australia and has an excellent understanding of the Australian regulatory environment. IPv6 Now is an accredited provider of IPv6 services to major telecommunications companies and Australian Federal and State governments. IPv6 Now services are also available to international clients either in person or through online consultation.

Planning IPv6

Plan your IPv6 migration with IPv6 Now design services. Where do you begin with such an important transition? How do you keep budgetary costs under control? How do you get maximum benefit from IPv6 for your organisation? Let us assist you to:

  • Discover the reasons for the changeover to IPv6
  • Understand the necessary stages of IPv6 transition
  • Plan an IPv6 migration that suits your budgetary constraints
  • Design an IPv6 address scheme tailored for your organisational needs

Learning IPv6

Learn everything about IPv6 with IPv6 Now training services. Senior staff need overviews to manage the transition stages. Network, system and specialist staff need detailed technical IPv6 training. Our modular courses are tailored to time, location and budget. We offer:

  • Overview Briefings: the pathways to IPv6 migration
  • Essential IPv6: 1 day presentation, or 2 days workshop
  • Technical IPv6: 2 days presentation, or 3 days workshop
  • Advanced IPv6: 3-4 days presentation, or 4-5 days workshop (inc. Specialist Modules)

Using IPv6

Use IPv6 efficiently and securely with IPv6 Now implementation services. Every organisation's networks are different and every IPv6 installation must be analysed and configured for local requirements. Let us help you:

  • Apply for an IPv6 address allocation
  • Build a proof-of-concept or production network
  • Secure firewalls, monitoring and intrusion detection systems
  • Test networks, provide troubleshooting tools and analyse problems.