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Get to know IPv6!
Take an Overview Briefing on the strategic value of IPv6
Train system and network staff with in-depth Technical Courses

  • Tailored to fit your budgeting and time constraints
  • Hands-on workshops or shorter presentations are available
  • Classes are compact and reference documents are provided
  • IPv6 Now is an approved supplier of IPv6 training to government and telcos
  • IPv6 Now trainers and courses are Gold Certified by the IPv6 Forum

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Overview Briefings

Non-technical overviews on the strategic background and planning options for moving to IPv6. Briefings can be 1 to 3 hours in length, depending on your requirements.

Basics 1

IPv6 Carrots & Sticks
Today and Tomorrow

Basics 2

IPv6 Addressing
IPv6 Networks

Transition 1

Transition Planning
Transition Design

Transition 2

Case Studies

Technical Training

Courses are made up of Modules which can be combined for the greatest time and budget flexibility. The Addressing Module is a prerequisite for the other modules, unless attendees have significant IPv6 addressing experience.

Addressing Module

Notation, Prefixes, subnets
Headers, extension headers
MTU, packet sizes
Address types

Networking Module

New concepts
Routing security
DNS, Router protocols
Firewalls, systems, servers
Tools & Troubleshooting

Specialist Modules

  • Advanced Routing
  • Advanced Transition
  • IoT, Cloud, Mobile
  • Advanced Security
  • Windows-Specific
  • Or as requested


Essential IPv6

Addressing Module

1 day Presentation or
2 days Hands-on Workshop

Technical IPv6

Addressing Module
Networking Module

2 days Presentation or
3 days Hands-on Workshop

Advanced IPv6

Addressing Module
Networking Module
1 or 2 Specialist Modules

3-4 days Presentation or
4-5 days Hands-on Workshop

Client Feedback

'Would recommend to any and all colleagues seeking IPv6 knowledge.'
'Extremely knowledgeable!! Easy to talk to and happy to help.'
'Thanks. Fantastic course. Very well presented.'
'Excellent, comprehensive course, good and relevant exercises.'
'A great course, well developed and distilled. well done!'
'I expected to learn something, but I didn't expect to have so much fun.'

Courses are held on-site or at specialised capital city premises. They can be tailored to specific requirements, or arranged for different dates or locations. Discounts for multiple attendees are available. Bookings are essential, courses must be paid for in advance, and we reserve the right to cancel any course. See the full Training Terms & Conditions.

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