Planning IPv6

Engineering in a crisis is never a good idea – Vint Cerf, 2009.

The case for IPv6? It's called the Internet! The Internet is basic to the survival of any modern organisation. IPv4 is obsolete and without IPv6, expansion is limited and new markets will become unreachable. With IPv6, network management is cheaper, security and mobility are improved, innovation is enhanced and cloud and IoT enabled.

  • IPv6 is a low-cost business continuity strategy.
  • The Internet and mobile services need IPv6 to grow.
  • The IoT and large-scale cloud services need IPv6 to grow.
  • Governments and trade partners are already adopting IPv6.
But isn't IPv6 just techie plumbing?

How much does your organisation invests in computers and networks? Do you really want to leave it up to the techies to decide future directions? Strategic development starts at the top.

IPv6 is on and you have no idea!

IPv6 is on by default today, and can be used to bypass IPv4 security policies (accidently or deliberately). If you think your network's not carrying IPv6, it just means you don't know about it.

Plan with IPv6 Now

Let us help you plan your IPv6 transition to fit budgetary requirements. Don't let a last-minute crisis force you into over-spending on inadequate design, training or installation. The necessary steps:

To discuss your future options and requirements, please talk to us.