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Plan IPv6

IPv6Now is the only company in Australia dedicated solely to IPv6. Our understanding is based upon our specialist focus on IPv6 since 2007, our decades of commercial and technical Internet expertise, and our consulting experience in business, ICT, government, industry and research management fields.

The biggest transformation in Internet history has now begun - moving from IPv4 to IPv6. On 3 February 2011, the last free IPv4 address blocks were allocated by IANA. As IPv4 address exhaustion starts to bite, organisations will want IPv6 in a hurry, but you can avoid costly bottlenecks by understanding the strategies and transition processes required now. IPv6Now offers:

  • IPv6 Security Service

    Many networks are already running IPv6 without their administrators being aware of it, as devices may now default to the new protocol. IPv6Now offers an exclusive IPv6 Security Service, to examine the use of IPv6 on client networks and advise on any associated security issues. For an overview of IPv6 security topics, see our Security in IPv6 Course.

  • IPv6 Business Advice

    Tailored assistance with strategic analysis and policy development, suitable for levels of corporate responsibility from middle to upper management. For example, we offer IPv6 Strategic Analysis - national, sector and business reports, and IPv6 Business Briefings - overviews for decision-makers.

  • IPv6 Verification Service

    We provide assistance with IPv6 address and network planning, and ease the IPv6 adoption path with customised IPv6 auditing, vendor-neutral advice, procurement, installations and compliance testing. We also run the VIC6 Testbed Network - the only publicly-available IPv6 Testbed in Australia, for checking IPv6 compatibility without any risk to production systems.

For more on planning IPv6, please phone 1800 222 085 or send us email.